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Our Story

Carlos and I met through a friend in the late 90s and having travelled a lot I had ideas to buy and sell beautiful things – what? I wasn’t sure!

Following a trip to Rajasthan in 1999 we took a market stall on Cambridge market and sold original pashminas, antique silk saris, cushions and rugs. While Carlos sold at the market, I visited shops and sold direct to retailers, learning about the world of retail and in 2001 we took our first gift and accessory trade show stand, and when Selfridges placed an order, we knew we were doing something right.


Remaining to work from our Cambridge studio, we have a small but perfect team and now offer over two collections per year, supplying our in-house uniquely designed products to the best shops in the UK and beyond.

We are aware that freshness plays a major part in any business, so we’re constantly developing new ideas, products and working with different techniques, which makes it very exciting for all of us!

Since 2022 we only produce products made of Organic, Recycled or Natural materials.

So please have a look and tell us what you think.

Love and enjoy life!